29.3.9 Meeting expenses

Meeting expense consists of food and beverage expenses related to a meeting or ceremony involving people outside of the University to promote University activities, goals, and mission. The University will defray meeting expenses only when the occasion is significant to the affairs of the University and is not of the type that individuals would normally undertake, other than in an official capacity. See 

NOTE: Meals provided at academic workshops or courses hosted by the University are not dealt with by this chapter. Meal expenses associated with these activities should be requested to and authorized by the Workshop Committee, as a part of the workshop budget. Approved for Payment
All the meetings or ceremonies for which expenses may be reimbursed must be justified as necessary for the purpose of achieving the goals of the University. In support of this justification, the agenda and the name of participants must be made known through OIST ERP system in advance. The University reserves the right to refuse reimbursement if this information is not given in advance. Non-exceptional Meeting Expenses Non-exceptional Meeting Expenses
For reimbursement of meeting expenses as non-exceptional meeting expenses, all conditions below must be met.

  1. Meetings and ceremonies eligible for OIST meeting expense requests must be held in accordance with the University’s business, objectives and missions.
  2. Each meeting must have at least one external participant and one internal participant in order for OIST to bear its costs.
  3. Cost of alcoholic beverages is not considered as part of OIST meeting expenses. (Please refer to PRP
  4. Expenses for meetings must be kept to a minimum. The limit of expenses per meeting is specified in Appendix C “Cost per Meeting” in this chapter. Amounts exceeding this limit will be at the expense of the OIST member.
  5. Attendance of Faculty, a Senior Level Executive or equivalent from an external institution, or candidates for OIST research / senior administrative appointments is required.
  6. Attendance of an OIST Senior Level Executive or Faculty is required.
  7. Up to one meal a day, three meals per visit.

In case the above conditions cannot be met while the expenses are deemed necessary to pursue the University’s objectives, the requesting division (hosting division) shall obtain approval prior to the meeting in accordance with Appendix D "Approver and Consultant for Meeting expenses" in this chapter.

Meetings (including BOG and BOC) organized by the President’s Office are exempt from the requirements 4-7 above.

NOTE: When an external guest is a government public officer, or when there could be a risk of conflict of interests or other ethical consideration, confirm with the external guest that it is legitimate to submit a request for meeting expense. Particular attention should be given to the fact that full names of the external guests may be disclosed by information disclosure request. Refreshments for Meetings
For the reimbursement for refreshments (tea and snack, not meal) for meetings, approval of the Travel Expense Team of Procurement and Supplies Section is required in advance. The upper limit is 500 yen per person.
Small bottles of water or tea, which are considered as consumable items, may be served at a meeting involving people outside of the University without such information. Lunch Meetings on campus
In principle, meetings over lunch on campus should be held in a meeting room.
Under the following exceptional circumstances, meeting expenses may be provided for a meeting during lunch time, held in a public space such as OIST café and restaurant. Such meetings must also meet the general requirements defined in PRP29.3.9.2.

  • It is necessary to discuss a specific issue during the lunch time, due to time limitations of the guest’s stay. (Requires prior approval of Vice President for Financial Management)
  • Opinion exchange is required between a guest lecturer delivering a general speech or a special speech as defined in the Table Honorarium [Link: 26.9] and University employees. (Requires prior approval of Vice President for Financial Management)
  • Opinion exchange is required between a guest and the President. Exceptional Meeting Expenses Alcoholic beverages.
Offering of alcoholic beverages shall be strictly limited to meetings and ceremonies involving outside guests and the University Officers, etc. (CEO/President, Vice-CEO, members of the Board of Governors, Auditors, or Senior Level Executive) and linked to support for cooperation with other institutions, to public relations activities in recognition of business and scientific/ educational transactions and achievements, and other similar activities approved by the President on an individual basis. Spouse and guest personal invitees.
The expenses for spouse and guest personal invitees may be paid only under exceptional circumstances justified and approved by the President. Other Exceptions to the General Rules
There are certain types of activities for which exceptions to the general rules ( and may be granted to enrich the academic life of the University and /or improve administrative efficiency by avoiding repeated paperwork.

A typical example of these exceptional cases is refreshments provided at the Colloquium Series of the University, with a purpose of creating the atmosphere where the intellectual exchange across the boundaries of scientific disciplines is encouraged and promoted. For such cases, the limitations of internal attendance are not applied and submission the list of participants is not required.

The requirements/conditions and procedures of such exceptional cases are provided in the guidelines developed and maintained by the President. Any meeting expenses which are not permitted by the rules in this chapter or the guidelines mentioned above must not be reimbursed by the University.

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