29.3.4 Hotel and Other Accommodations Room rates reimbursement
Overnight hotel accommodation is reimbursed on the basis of daily lodging allowance. However, in principle, lodging expenses of guest travelers should be paid by direct billing or actual cost reimbursement based on an original receipt, up to the amount of the fixed allowance. Alternate accommodations should be explored before requesting or accepting a higher rate than the daily lodging allowance. Please see the table for details.

If traveler makes a business trip and shares accommodation with his/her spouse, family member or partner who is an employee of the University, lodging allowance is paid to either one person. If actual lodging fee of two persons exceeds the lodging allowance for one person, the actual difference amount is paid up to the amount of lodging allowance for the additional one person when an original receipt is submitted. (See 29.4.1) Guaranteed Reservations
Hotel reservations must always be guaranteed for late arrival. This procedure protects the traveler regardless of the arrival time at the hotel. If the traveler will not be using a hotel room that has been guaranteed, the room must be canceled to avoid a penalty.

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