29.3.13 Receipt Requirements

In principle, original receipt or paid bill is required. The receipt must show the amount, date, place and essential character of the expense, and indicate that payment was made in full. Photocopies are not acceptable. Duplicate may be provided in case of loss of the original with explanation from the traveler. Air Fare Receipt Requirements
Employees using PTAs do not need to provide proof of purchase of the airline ticket.

Booking confirmation without breakdown of charges and proof of payment are not acceptable for reimbursement.

Acceptable proof of purchase of an airline ticket includes either the original airline passenger receipt (typically the last coupon of the airline ticket) or e-ticket receipt. It must provide the following information:

  • Traveler's Name and Name of Air Carrier
  • Flight Number and Dates of Travel
  • Destination(s) or Legs of Trip Fare/Class of Travel Total Cost of Ticket

Required documents for airfare reimbursement are as follows:

  • Itinerary
  • Receipt
  • Boarding pass or equivalent proof of travel
  • Proof of Payment (if not documented on the itinerary/receipt).

Boarding passes must be submitted when a travel agent other than PTAs is used to book flights. For guest travelers, however, a copy of boarding ticket for return route, including an e-ticket, is acceptable. A copy of boarding passes may be valid with the statement saying “I hereby claim the reimbursement of flights and I will NOT double claim this payment to other institutions”.

Reasonable transfer points: Generally, the University will only reimburse the cost of the airfare without a private transfer point. To reimburse travel expense, the traveler must provide passenger receipt indicating a reasonable transfer point during travel on the way to the destination city, and the traveler must explain a clear and sufficient reason for the transfer point.

Any private purpose transfer is not permitted, and a prior approval by the traveler’s supervisor is required for the transfer with a rational reason. The University will reimburse the least expensive airfare. Rental Car Receipts
Car Rental fees may be reimbursed upon submission of an original receipt.
The acceptable receipt is an itemized receipt issued by a car rental company. Receipts for Purchases
Urgent purchase of goods and services during travel are reimbursable with an original receipt. Parking Receipts
Parking charges are a reimbursable expense if supported by a receipt. For overnight parking charge, the parking expense must be separate from the lodging amount. Missing Receipts
The requirements listed below must be followed if the receipt for an expense is lost or unobtainable:

  • In case of loss of a receipt, the traveler must contact the provider of the services. Most hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies will provide a copy of the receipt.
  • If a receipt or duplicate cannot be obtained, the traveler must submit an itemized list indicating what the expenses were with a combination of credit card statement, copy of bankcard statement plus other documentation that might be necessary to justify the expense to an external audit or to the tax authorities.
  • When submitting a duplicate copy of a receipt or alternate documentation (as with all expenses), the traveler must write and sign this statement for each missing receipt:

“I HEREBY CERTIFY that this expense is true and that I have incurred the described expense in the discharge of my official duties for the University and have not been reimbursed and have not filed nor will I file for reimbursement from any other source for said expense.”

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