29.3.2 Air Transportation

Travelers should use the equivalent or lower class of airline tickets specified in the Table. EXCEPTIONS First class tickets are not permissible for University employees. See Travel Handbook for the deatails. For non-University travelers, they may be authorized under exceptional and duly justified circumstances with a prior written approval from the President. Airfare Upgrades at the expense of the University (i.e. resulting in a total cost superior to the cheapest airfare in the eligible class for the direct customary route) is not permitted and will not be reimbursed. Free upgrades or upgrades paid by the traveler must be clearly documented as such in the Travel Expense Report. Airfare costs in excess of the commercially lowest available fare or the apropriate standard, the amount for the airfare is not to be provided. However, the following cases are exceptions:

  1. When a transition is required,
  2. When traveling at unreasonable hours is required,
  3. When the duration of the business travel is prolonged or the flight hour is significantly prolonged,
  4. When there is an increased cost that would offset the transportation savings, or
  5. When it is inadequate for the medical needs of the traveler. Purchase Method
Direct billing to the University through PTA and airline companies is available in order to reduce administrative cost, to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for travelers, and to prevent fraudulent expense claims. This is permitted only thorough the suppliers which are determined by the Financial Management Division. In principle, exceptional requests are not permitted when using suppliers other than PTA. Insurance
Trip cancellation insurance: the cost for purchasing this insurance can be significant and should not be purchased on a regular basis for most University travel. The cancellation insurance is not an allowable business travel expense under this University’s travel policy. Private Plane or Air Charter
Private aircraft and chartered flights are actively discouraged. Private aircraft or chartered flights may be justified by extenuating circumstances and require adequate insurance coverage and the prior written approval of the President. Other Air Travel Constraints
For international, purchase of fully Refundable Air Fare airline ticket should be minimized. In most cases, it is less expensive to pay the change fee for a rebooked ticket than to pay for a fully refundable ticket.

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