Appendix A - Reimbursable Expenses

General Expenses
(All Travel)

Expense Must be Required for University Business Trip
Transportation , lodging and meal(1)

Baggage charges

a. Transportation charges for authorized excess baggage when carrying equipment necessary to complete official business
b. Necessary charges for storage when such are a result from official business
c. Charges for checking baggage
d. Charges or tips at transportation terminals for handling property of the University and/or tips for services such as taxi, shuttle or courtesy transportation drivers.

Services of guides, interpreters, or drivers
Services of typists, data processors, or stenographers
Use of computers, printers, fax machines, and scanners when necessary to complete official business mission
Fees for conference/meeting rooms and equipment when necessary to complete official business mission
Official telephone calls/service, such as faxes, telegrams, Internet etc
Lodging taxes
Laundry, cleaning, and pressing of clothing (To qualify for this expense, the traveler must incur a minimum of 4 consecutive nights on official University business.)
Energy surcharge and lodging fees when such fees are not optional. Example: Safe
Emergency purchases of materials or services (i.e., film, batteries, photocopying, etc.) when necessary to complete official business mission.
Sales tax
(specific to Foreign Travel )
Expense Must be Reimbursed for University Business Trip
Visa fees
Foreign country exit fees
Cost of photographs for visas
Cost of birth, health, and identity certificates
Charges for inoculations necessary for foreign travel
  • when not covered by per diem and lodging allowance

Other Fees

  1. Many travel agencies charge ticket processing fees in addition to the actual cost of travel arrangements. Processing fees will be reimbursed by the University.
  2. Many airlines, particularly low cost airlines, charge fees to check luggage, select an aisle/window seat, early check-in, etc. If the traveler deems these services necessary and has the budget to support the fees, these fees will be reimbursed by the University.
  3. Excess Baggage
  • Employees will be reimbursed for excess baggage charges in the following circumstances:
  • When traveling with heavy or bulk materials or equipment necessary for business
  • When traveling for more than fourteen days.

Documentation must be included with the Travel Expense Report explaining the nature of the excess baggage charge.

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