Appendix B - Non-Reimbursable Expenses

The following miscellaneous expenses will not be reimbursed.

  • airline/car rental upgrades
  • babysitting or childcare costs
  • car repairs/routine maintenance or locksmith charges
  • clothing, luggage, briefcases
  • credit card delinquency fees/finance charges/annual fees
  • duplicate insurance on rental vehicles (CDW-See Rental Car Insurance)
  • expenses for travel companions or family
  • expenses incurred during personal time not directly related with the business purpose.
  • frequent-flyer miles
  • health club facilities, saunas, massages
  • helicopter services for airport transfers
  • kennel fees and pet care for pets while on travel status
  • loss/theft of cash
  • loss/theft of personal property (lost baggage, etc.)
  • magazines, books, newspapers, or movies
  • non-compulsory health insurance coverage (annual fee)
  • optional travel or baggage insurance
  • parking or traffic violation tickets
  • personal accident or property insurance
  • personal entertainment/grooming/gifts/souvenirs

Caution: This list of non-reimbursable expenses is intended to be representative, not comprehensive.

Unallowable Air Travel Purchases/Expenses

1. Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

  1. The University will not reimburse travelers for tickets purchased with frequent flyer miles.
  2. Frequent flyer memberships should not influence travelers to select a flight that is not the lowest priced flight available.
  3. Frequent flyer miles earned by any traveler during University business travel may be retained by the traveler for business.

Employees are permitted to use personal airline miles, "points," or other for upgrades; however, the University will not reimburse employees for the cash value of these upgrades

2. Airport/Airline Club Memberships

a. Dues for membership in any airport/airline club are not reimbursable.


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