29.2 General Considerations

Departments may impose stricter budgetary controls over travel, meeting and related expenditures than those required by this policy. The University reserves the right to apply more stringent requirements on individual travelers.

As a principle, Travel, meeting and related expenditures charged to a sponsored project, or other funding than subsidies such as gifts or grants should follow the guidelines set forth by this policy unless the funding organization, donor or grantor imposes greater restrictions or on the opposite gives more discretion. Proper review of allowable expenses must be made by the Grants Section. 

The University has appointed preferred travel agencies (PTAs) to help minimize risks (financial loss, duty of care) and obtain good value for money spent. The PTAs may impose fees depending on the services required and the method of booking, but overall, shall deliver competitive fares and values. It is the responsibility of each department to make arrangements for the use of suppliers other than PTA.

Travel to countries for which a travel advisory has been issued by the MOFA of Japan is not advisable. You may access the list of current advisories at the MOFA website.

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