29.3.10 Honorarium Advance request
In the event that an honorarium should be paid, it is necessary for the administrative section or research unit leader to apply by submitting an “Honorarium Request in Advance” through the ERP System and to receive approval from the pertinent budget holder and the Travel Expense Team of Accounting Section. Amount of Honorarium
The honorarium amount may be determined by each budget holder, subject to the guidelines specified in the appended Table 26.9. However, if the honorarium amount exceeds the maximum, or if the honorarium category is “others”, prior approval of the Vice President for Financial Management is required. Creation of new Honorarium Category
New honorarium categories may be created with approval of the Vice President for Financial Management. (See Form 29.6) When the payment shall be made based on management guidelines of a delegated contractor, or the equivalent of such guidelines, the requestor shall provide a copy of the part of the guideline that describes the basis for determination of the amount. Payment request
When applying for payment, the requestor shall provide the Travel Expense Team of Accounting Section with an “Honorarium payment request” via the ERP System, along with other necessary documents. Travel Expenses
Travel expenses can be paid in addition to an honorarium, if necessary. However, in principle, per diem is considered to be included in honorarium, and will not be paid. Others
For matters not specified in this regulation, requestors should furnish a thorough description of the problem to the Travel Expense Team of Accounting Section.

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