29.3.11 Travel advances

Requests for advances should be held to a minimum and are only available to University employees and students.

Travel advances are provided in the following situations:

  • For University employee and students who are not able to make the advance payment anticipated for their travel
  • When a travel expense bill is due before a trip is taken

Travel advances should be obtained in close proximity to the travel dates. It must be documented by an estimated total cost of the trip. After completing travel, the traveler must clear the travel advance account within 30 days. Any advance that is not used for the trip must be returned to the university immediately after travel. If a trip is cancelled, the unused advance must be returned immediately. You may not clear the advance with expenses for trips other than the trip identified with the Travel Advance Form.

Failure to account for advances properly can or will result in the denial of subsequent advances, disciplinary action, deduction of the unreported amount from the traveler’s salary, reductions in reimbursements for other travel expenses in the amount of the advance.

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