40.3 Rules

40.3.1 Types of Training New Employee Orientation
Primary responsibility for successful onboarding lies with the new employee’s unit or division/section. Training and Education Section or other part of the University that provide orientation activities do so in support of the individual unit’s or division/section’s onboarding process. Each newly hired employee is expected to attend an orientation session organized by the Training and Education Section training function.

New employee orientation is a joint effort between the Training and Education Section training function and the receiving Unit or Division/Section. Orientations for newly hired employees will include general information about the University, an explanation of its Core Values, Code of Conduct, and Respectful Workplace Policy, an introduction to the work area, to fellow employees and job duties, and instruction regarding the University’s policies, rules, and procedures.

The immediate supervisor should provide continuing instruction and guidance to help the new employee adjust to his/her new work environment. The Training and Education Section training function will provide guidelines to supervisors on steps and actions to take in order to facilitate new employee onboarding. Training All employees are eligible, with their immediate supervisor’s approval, to attend the training workshops offered by the University and applicable to their personal [link:40.8.5] or professional [link:40.8.4] training and development. Frequently, educational training and development programs are offered during an employee’s regularly scheduled working hours. To the extent that it is possible and practical, supervisors are encouraged to allow their staff to participate in relevant programs during those hours. The hours spent for attending such programs with the supervisor’s approval are counted as working hours. The University may instruct an employee to take specific or mandatory training. When such a requirement is imposed, the employee must take the training unless otherwise justified and the absence has been approved by leaders in his or her Unit or Division. Analysis of ongoing training needs must be conducted for each employee by their Section, as well as by the Training and Education Section training function to validate existing training programs and identify any new requirements. Training provided by other parts of the University Due to the specificity of content of certain training programs, other parts of the University may provide training independent to that provided by the Training and Education Section training function. In other instances, the specific training is provided in concert with or implemented as part of a larger Training and Education Section program. In such cases, as much as possible, the Training and Education Section training function will provide advice, support, and assistance to that part of the University providing the training.


40.3.2 Awards

Details are described in Article 88, Rules of Employment and Article 73, Rules of Employment for Part-time Employees.

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