40.3 Rules

40.3.1 Types of Training New Employee Training
Primary responsibility for successful onboarding lies with the new employee’s unit or division/section. The Recruiting and Training Section works with other departments within the university to provide new employee training to new employees. Each newly hired employee is expected to complete new employee training as directed by the Recruiting and Training Section.
The department to which the new employee is assigned must cooperate with the Recruiting and Training Section as necessary, in addition to providing an environment in which the new employee can complete the training course. New Employee Training will include general information about the University, an explanation of its Core Values, Code of Conduct, and Respectful Workplace Policy, an introduction to the work area, to fellow employees and job duties, and instruction regarding the University’s policies, rules, and procedures.

The immediate supervisor is responsible for providing the necessary continuing support and guidance  to help the new employee adjust to his/her new work environment.

The Recruiting and Training Section will provide advice and other necessary assistance as requested by the department supervisor. Training All employees are given the opportunity to participate in various training programs to acquire the skills necessary to achieve the business goals set by the University, including specific and general skill training with their immediate supervisor’s approval. The supervisor is expected to encourage employees to participate in such training, and with the supervisor’s approval, the time spent participating in training is considered work time. The University may instruct an employee to take specific or mandatory training. The employees must take such trainings unless excused by the Unit or Division Head or there is some other reasonable and justifiable reason for absence. The Recruiting and Training Section is responsible for conducting periodic status surveys to verify the effectiveness of the training being conducted, and for developing new training to meet potential needs in addition to improving existing training. Training provided by other parts of the University Specialized and specific training may be provided by other departments within the university. The Recruiting and Training Section will advise, support and assist as needed.

40.3.2 Awards

Details are described in Article 88, Rules of Employment and Article 73, Rules of Employment for Part-time Employees.

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