40.2 General Considerations

40.2.1 Rationale

The work environment has become increasingly complex and requires continuous improvement in knowledge, competencies, and skills. At the same time, external factors, such as changes in laws and regulations, have an impact on OIST Graduate University policies and how work is done. The work environment must be designed to provide all employees with appropriate learning opportunities so that they can respond to these changes in the complexity of their work or the external environment.

40.2.2 Non-discrimination

It is the policy of the University that no employee shall be denied opportunities to participate in the learning opportunity environment on the basis of gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, medical condition, race, ethnicity, ancestry, culture, national origin, religion, or marital status.

40.2.3 Statutory Requirements

There are certain areas where it is required by law to train staff in specific duties, such as research safety and document and record management. The University will fully comply with the related laws and regulations and ensure that appropriate training is provided.

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