40.4 Responsibilities

40.4.1 Employees

Employees have primary responsibility for their own personal and professional development. Employees must develop their skills to enhance performance in their current position and to prepare them to assume further responsibilities. Employees are encouraged to use constructively the performance appraisal process and to engage in daily communication with their supervisor to advance staff development needs and opportunities.


40.4.2 Supervisors

The role of the supervisor in staff development is to be an advisor or consultant to an employee’s development. Supervisors must provide employees under their supervision with opportunities to discuss their staff development needs.  Supervisors should regularly review the development needs of their employees in order to enable them to respond effectively to internal and external changes. Whenever appropriate, supervisors should approve attendance at relevant staff development programs and release employees from their usual duties for such programs. 

Supervisors should also inform the Training and Education Section training function if they identify training/development needs that may have organization-wide applicability and therefore should be added to the staff development programs. The Training and Education Section training function will work with Unit or Division/Section leaders as necessary to develop or access training specific to the needs of the requesting Unit or Division/Section.


40.4.3 Training and Education Section

Training and Education Section is responsible for general University training. The Training and Education Section will be responsible for planning and implementing staff development programs to meet the shared needs of University employees, conducting training needs analysis and coordinating training and development programs among related Sections and Divisions. To meet this requirement, the Training and Education Section training function will

  • periodically conduct training needs and demand surveys.
  • plan and implement general / specific training and development activities.
  • coordinate training and development activities with and among Units or Divisions/Sections.

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