40.4 Responsibilities

40.4.1 Employees

The primary responsibility for acquiring the specific and general skill necessary for job performance lies with the individual employee. In addition to improving performance in their current responsibilities, employees are expected to continually improve their abilities in order to become competent to fulfill additional responsibilities.

40.4.2 Supervisors

The supervisor provides appropriate advice and an environment for staff to develop their skills. They are also expected to have regular opportunities to discuss the strengthening of staff skills and to assist them in maximizing their individual abilities.

40.4.3 Recruiting and Trainings Section

Recruiting and Training Section is responsible for general University training. To meet this requirement, the Recruiting and Training Section training function will

  • periodically conduct training needs and demand surveys
  • plan and implement specific and general skill training
  • coordinate between departments for each training program
  • plan and implement mandatory training and manage participant data

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