40.8 Definitions

40.8.1 Employee

Employee is defined as someone who has been directly hired by the University. They can be either permanent or on fixed-term contracts. Part-time employees who have been hired directly by the University are also considered employees eligible for training.
Those working at the University sent by a third-party vendor (派遣社員 in Japanese) are not considered employees. They are, however, subject to certain mandated training programs as designated by the University.


40.8.2 Supervisor

For this chapter, a supervisor is an employee with managerial or supervisorial responsibilities and duties over an organization or part of an organization with employees who report to them. This definition includes faculty and officers of the University, and it covers supervisors who are permanent or on fixed-term contracts.


40.8.3 Mandatory Training

Mandatory Training is any training course, workshop, lecture, online training, video or audio training that is required by management for an employee to attend.
Mandatory training can be training required of all employees or training focused upon a specific group or an individual employee. Depending on the requirements of the University, mandatory training may also be required of those who work here or provide a service to the University who are not employees.


40.8.4 Professional Training & Development

Professional Training & Development is defined as learning activities engaged in by employees that directly maintain or improve the current levels of skills, knowledge, and competencies required to conduct current or future work requirements. Professional Training & Development can include both formal and structured learning activities and informal or ad hoc learning activities, either in a classroom or on the job.


40.8.5 Personal Training & Development

Personal Training & Development is defined as learning activities that do not necessarily maintain or enhance work related skills, knowledge, and competencies required to perform a current job. These are learning activities which can help employees to expand or develop themselves more fully as a person or member of society.

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