40.8 Definitions

40.8.1 Employee

Employee is defined as someone who has been directly hired by the University. Part-time employees who have been hired directly by the University are also considered employees eligible for training.

Temporary employees are not considered employees.
However, depending on the nature of the work for which they are responsible, they may be required to take some mandatory training courses designated by the University.

40.8.2 Supervisor

A supervisor is an employee who has the responsibility and duty to manage and supervise other employees. This includes faculty members and officers of the University.

40.8.3 Mandatory Training

Mandatory training refers to training that must be taken by all relevant staff members as essential for the sound operation of the University and the performance of its duties. Mandatory training is targeted according to its content. Some mandatory training courses may be required for all persons who work at the University, regardless of whether they are employees or not.

40.8.4 Specific Skill Training

Specific Skill Training is training that aims to improve job performance and promote operational efficiency by providing employees with the skills they need now or in the future to perform their specific duties.

40.8.5 General Skill Training

General Skill Training refers to training that aims to expand the scope of duties and improve job performance by enabling employees to acquire versatile skills and mindsets (e.g., communication and management skills) that can be applied to a wide range of work content.


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