29.4.2 Certified Approver(s)

When reviewing the travel request, the certified approver(s) must verify the following based on travel request form and attached evidence (which shows dates and contents of academic conference, workshop, symposium, seminar, summer school etc, and clear specification of name, date and time for meeting with faculty or researcher of university or institution.).

  • The allowability and reasonableness of the travel
  • The availability of funds for the trip
  • The trip falls within the intent of the funds being used
  • University Travel Policy is followed  
  • The necessity of the travel if traveler travels to the same area and the same period with his/her spouse, family member or partner who is an employee of the University.

When authorizing Travel Expense Settlement, it is the responsibility of the approver(s) (signatory) to

  • review the expenses,
  • ensure that the information contained on the report is properly documented and supported by attached receipts, in compliance with University policies, and  
  • ensure that the expenses are for University business purposes.
-   ensure that the correct codes (budgetary unit (BU), travel number etc.) are used 
-   confirm concrete content of work for payment of per diem for weekends and national holidays.
-   In the case of President and Vice CEO, mutual checking should be made (only for requests)

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