29.4.1 Traveler

It is the responsibility of the traveler to provide an accurate and truthful representation of allowable expenses to be paid by the University. Proper receipts and documentation, including allocations between personal and business activities (if applicable) must be clearly identified on the request. Personal expenses are not reimbursable.  In the case of overpayment or payment of personal expense non eligible as business expense is found (miscalculation, advance payment by the University etc.), traveler must return the amount immediately to the University upon notification.
After the trip the traveler must submit a Travel Expense Settlement and supporting receipts to Travel Expense Team of Procurement and Supplies Section. Allowable travel expenses must be properly substantiated and submitted within certain time limitations.  Travel reimbursement request and accompanying documents should be supplied within 20 business days after the trip. Reimbursement claims will not be given priority beyond that date.
Processing takes about 10 business days.
Loss of Tickets and Other Transport Documents. 
All transportation tickets should be guarded as carefully as cash. In cases where paper tickets are lost, the travel agency should be notified immediately so that alternative arrangements can be made. 
Traveler should state purpose of business specifically in travel request form and attach the evidence of the purpose (date, place, program etc. of academic conference, meeting, discussion, seminar, event etc.) In case of meeting, discussion or joint research, please state name, date and time to meet.
If traveler shares accommodation with his/her traveler’s spouse, family member or partner who is an employee of the University, both of the traveler must declare it in their travel request form accordingly.
If traveler claims per diem for weekends and national holidays, traveler needs to state concrete content of work in travel reimbursement form.

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