10.1 Policy

The land belonging to, and the buildings and facilities constructed at, OIST Graduate University (the University) are resources intended to serve the various purposes of the University. The fundamental role of the Division of Buildings & Facility Management at the University is to manage these resources to provide, operate and maintain an environment that will enable all members of the University community to carry out their work effectively in a safe and attractive setting.

University policy is that the facilities and services provided must be sufficient, efficient and reliable, but not extravagant. The University has an obligation to utilize funding, whether from public or private sources, for construction, operation, and maintenance in a sound and responsible manner, and it is University policy always to endeavor to achieve the most cost-effective use of funds available. 

The University shall make all necessary and reasonable efforts to provide barrier-free access to University buildings and facilities for people with physical disabilities.

This chapter addresses acquisition, use, security and upkeep of the campus grounds, built facilities and major elements of plant and equipment (excluding laboratory equipment) at the University. Policies, rules and procedures for land acquisition and procurement of construction are set out in Chapter 26, Finance & Accounting and in Chapter 28, Procurement, while procedures relating to the allocation of space and use of laboratory equipment are set out in Chapters 19, University Events and 21, Use of University Resources

10.1.1 Access to lab areas by outside parties

The basic policy for access to lab areas by outside parties is as follows:

  1. In principle, outside parties who are not directly engaged in OIST research activities do not have access to the Lab buildings or Administrative Office areas.
  2. Exceptions will be made to enable necessary construction and equipment installation works and deliveries to be made in an efficient manner-but in such a way that: 
    a. there is minimal disturbance to lab users, and 
    b. good operational security is maintained on the campus.

OIST reserves the right to cancel this exceptional authorization without notice nor explanation should the condition above not being fulfilled.

  1. Exceptions will also be made when government agencies, educational and research institutions, corporations, and media visit lab buildings for campus tours guided by OIST employees or students.
  2. Outside parties when permitted to enter inside OIST acknowledge that they do so at their own risk.
    a. Accident in OIST properties is at their own risk.
    b. OIST will not bear any responsibilities for lost or stolen personal belongings in OIST properties.
    c. If there is trouble or accident, ask OIST staff to call Security Center immediately.

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