10.8 Definitions

10.8.1 Infrastructure

For purposes of this Chapter, “infrastructure” means all site improvements, including roads, bridges, tunnels, lakes and catchment ponds, pathways and retaining walls; all vegetation and landscaping: all exterior lighting and signage; all utilities, above and below ground, including electricity, water and drainage, and communications; and all buildings and structures erected on the site and all building services within those buildings.

10.8.2 Facilities

Infrastructure as defined above. All systems and equipment installed in the buildings, except items of research equipment installed by or for the specific use of researchers; vehicles and related items. [NOTE: Management and maintenance of leased equipment is dealt with in Chapter 28, Procurement; management and maintenance of IT and AV equipment is dealt with in Chapter 17, Information Technology & Security.

10.8.3 Employees

For purposes of this Chapter, the term “employees” includes those who are directly employed by the School Corporation/University as well as individuals who are under contract to perform security, cleaning, facility management, and similar (also referred to as “contractors”).

10.8.4 Central Control Room

Room located in Laboratory 1 where control and monitoring of the Fire Defense Equipment, etc. is carried out.

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