4.1 Policy

The OIST Graduate University (hereinafter, “University”) promotes research activities that embody the five central concepts stated in 1.1.1 OBJECTIVES OF THE OIST GRADUATE UNIVERSITY: Best in the World, International, Flexible, Global Networking, and Collaboration with Industry. The University encourages interdisciplinary research through effective collaboration between University faculty, research staff (which means those who engage in research activities at the University (people with research appointment other than University Faculty, Research Fellows and Science and Technology Associates; the same applies hereinafter), and students. The University respects Academic Freedom, and all researchers (University faculty and research staff; the same applies hereinafter) at the University should observe Openness in Research. The Provost is responsible for providing technical and administrative support for the Research Units.

A unique feature of research at the University is its internal funding that enables challenging critical problems with cutting-edge technologies. The President, through the Provost, has the authority to allocate internal research funding for common resources and Research Units in accordance with their research programs. The Dean of Research is responsible for implementing the mechanisms to ensure the efficient and fair use of research resources. Over the years, the University is expected to become less dependent on government subsidies and expects to be able to win competitive research grants and funding from industry. All faculty and research staff are encouraged to apply for external funding, and the Dean of Research shall provide support for externally funded research applications and monitor execution of these grants.

All researchers are expected to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and uphold the highest standards of research ethics and integrity. It is the responsibility of all researchers at OIST to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken with regard to the recording, handling and preservation of data and associated information such as computer programs and logbooks, and take great care to prevent any research activity misconduct, such as fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism, in the research groups.
Furthermore it is necessary to ensure the soundness and fairness of research which is required to respond to new risks associated with the openess and internationalization of research. (Link: Rules on Ensuring Research Integriry)
Faculty have a responsibility to promote and oversee the proper conduct of research in their Unit.

While externally funded research and collaboration with industry is encouraged, secret research that precludes the disclosure of research results is not permitted. Sponsored research for which the sponsor requires a delay in publication in excess of six months may constitute “secret” research. The research conducted at the University must be intended for public dissemination.

Research at the University may not be conducted for the economic benefit of any particular company or other commercial entity. Commercially sponsored research has the potential to generate significant Conflicts of Interest, which must be disclosed and carefully evaluated.

In case conducting collaborative research with academia, such research shall be conducted in accordance with OIST Graduate University Joint Research Regulations.

It is prohibited by law to use the subsidy for operations of the University for purposes other than University’s business.

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