4.16 Provision of research facilities and services to users outside the University

The University's research facilities and services are primarily for use in research and academic activities of the University, but when there is some excess capacity in these facilities and services, the University is willing to make it available to academic or business users outside the University for effective use of them. This will serve the University very well as we can contribute to the advancement of science and technology in Okinawa and to the development of an active research community surrounding the University. Besides, appropriately charging these outside users with fees will contribute to the University's operating funds. The Director of Core Facilities manages the use of the University's research facilities and services by outside users, while making them continuously available to the University users, appropriately charging direct and indirect costs to outside users, and ensuring safety, security, and compliance to policies and rules of the University. Details of the use by outside users will be set forth by the Provost.

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