4.5 OIST Researcher Community (ORC)

4.5.1 Role of the ORC

The ORC represents all Postdoctoral Scholars, Staff Scientists, Research Unit Technicians, and Research Fellows at OIST. It provides them with information about university matters, collects their opinions and suggestions, and provides feedback to the University. The ORC champions diversity and welcomes/encourages participation in its Office, Advisory Groups, and various Committees of members representing different gender identities, cultures, religions, employee statuses, scientific disciplines, etc.

4.5.2 Membership and Officers

The membership of the ORC includes all Postdoctoral Scholars, Staff Scientists, Research Unit Technicians, and Research Fellows who have OIST as their primary affiliation. The ORC elects two Researcher Representatives and one alternate, a Chairperson, and a Secretary. Elections will be held at least every two years by secret ballot, as often as the Chairperson deems necessary. Officers can be removed from their position by a written petition signed by a majority of the members of the ORC.

4.5.3 Meetings

The ORC will hold meetings as necessary and at least quarterly. Each unit is encouraged to have at least one member attend the meetings to encourage interaction, communication, and collaboration at OIST. Decisions of the ORC will be made by majority vote with each attending member having a single vote. At the discretion of the Chairperson, Executives or Faculty Members may be invited to attend for specific items on the agenda and may be invited to stay for the rest of the meeting.

4.5.4 Chairperson and Secretary

The Chairperson leads the ORC and moderates the discussion in the ORC meetings. The Chairperson and a Secretary schedule the meetings for the ORC. The Secretary prepares the agenda and records notes of the proceedings. In the absence of the Chairperson or Secretary, the Researcher Representatives assume these roles.

4.5.5 Researcher Representatives and Researcher Representative Alternate

The Researcher Representatives and Researcher Representative Alternate bring feedback to, or initiate discussion with, the Faculty Assembly and members of the Executive as appropriate. They may submit topics for consideration to the Chair of the Faculty Assembly, based on discussions of the ORC.

4.5.6 Advisory Groups and Assistants

The Chairperson may organize ad hoc or standing Advisory Groups to assist the Researcher Representatives for specific tasks or issues of importance to the ORC. The Chairperson may appoint Assistants as necessary to manage the administration of the ORC.

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