4.10 Organizations for Supporting Research

4.10.1  Advisory Committees

The offices of the Secretary General and Provost support the organization of the following committees, which send recommendations to the Secretary General or Provost who oversees concerning research related matters.    Safety and Health Committee
See Rules for Safety and Health Committee [link: 13.2.1]    Radiation Safety Committee
See Rules for Radiation Safety Committee [link: 13.3.10]   Biosafety Committee
See Rules for Biosafety & Recombinant DNA Committee [link: 13.3.7/13.3.8]

​    Animal Care and Use Committee
See Rules for Animal Care and Use Committee [link: 13.3.9]   Human Subject Research Review Committee
See Rules for Human Subject Research Review Committee [link: 13.3.11]

​   Laser Safety Advisory Committee
See Rules for Laser Safety [link: 13.3.3]   Field Work Safety Committee
See Rules for Field Work [link: 13.3.13]


4.10.2 Core Facilities

The Core Facilities provide services utilizing common research resources to support OIST approved research and commercial activities. The Core Facilities is comprised of sections as described in the Description Regarding Responsibilities and Duties in PRP Chapter 2:


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