27.5.1 Budget planning and compilation

Budget planning shall be performed by the respective Budget Supervisors in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 27.5. Budget compilation at the University level shall be performed by the Vice President for Financial Management under the supervision of the Secretary General and determined by the President. 

Budget Supervisors must submit budget plans with sufficient details. Operation expenses and capital expenditures must be itemized to be able to justify their budget request.
The budgeting of personnel salaries is complex because it includes indirect costs related to taxes and benefits. For that reason, even if personnel salaries are charged to their Budgetary Units, they are not directly managed by the Budget Supervisors at the time of the budget allocation. However, the Budget Supervisors are responsible for the management of the personnel whom they supervise and must plan for headcount and qualifications at section levels and for minimizing the amount of overtime, which is not budgeted.

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