27.5.3 Annual Budget Cycle for Government subsidies

Each Budget Supervisor shall draft his or her Division’s budget request for the coming fiscal year and necessary materials in accordance with the budget request schedule presented by the Vice President for Financial Management. This draft is structured according to Budgetary Units and Budget categories confirmed by the Budget Section.
After consolidation, the Vice President for Financial Management shall inform the Cabinet Office of the amount requested for Subsidies for Operations and Subsidies for Construction, under the supervision of the Secretary General. There are several iterations between the University and Cabinet Office before the budget request is finalized. During such process, the Cabinet Office might request us to provide additional explanatory materials that are necessary for the budget request, in which case the Budget Supervisor for the relevant budget item shall be responsible for preparing the appropriate materials within the deadline.
Advance notification on the Subsidies for Operation and for Construction for the coming fiscal year set forth in the government budget draft is usually given by the Cabinet Office at the end of December. However, the government budget draft is officially be approved by the Diet. Said approval is generally be granted at the end of March; however, it is subject to change to some extent.

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