16.3.7 Recreation Services and OIST Clubs

Recreation Services provides OIST members with an inclusive and equitable opportunity to participate, educate, compete, and volunteer in recreational activities as a means to enhance health and well-being. Recreation Services will provide ALL OIST members opportunities for physical and social involvement. Recreation Services and the Club’s Role
The Vision of OIST Recreation Services and the Registered Clubs is to see that all campus and community members across multiple disciplines discover, share, and adopt principles of a healthy community that will promote physically fit and active lifestyles through diverse opportunities and experiences that stimulate personal growth and build life-long connections at OIST. Membership of OIST Clubs
In order to become an official club at OIST, the person in charge must register their club with Recreation Services. The President of a club must be an OIST employee or student and have a valid OIST email account.

The Recreation Services Registered Club Manual is available online. OIST Support of Clubs
OIST clubs should be self-financing through membership fees and fund-raising activities. Eligibility Requirements for Registering a Club
Any group (students, faculty, staff, and family members thereof) that have conveyed to support or practice a common interest and that seek the resources and benefits of a registered club, must officially register with Recreation Services. Defining a Registered Club
OIST defines a Registered Club as a group of three or more students, staff, faculty or family members thereof who share a common purpose or interest. A Registered Club is entirely operated and organized by those individuals that created the Registered Club.

Registered Clubs shall not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. The benefits of forming and becoming a member of a Registered Clubs are explained herein. However, participants need to be aware there are certain matters that are not benefits.

The term Registered Club in this section shall also apply to the individual members thereof. In summary, a Registered Club is not an agent, representative, or employee of OIST and is not permitted to act as an extension of OIST. Therefore, along with any other relevant considerations, participants must contemplate the following:

  1. Registered Clubs are not always granted the non-profit nor tax-exempt statuses of OIST. Unless a club does continuous profitable business, it is not subject to taxation. Collecting membership dues or selling mementos at stalls to earn operating costs, etc. is not normally considered doing continuous profitable business. If you require more information, you must contact a certified tax consultant.
  2. Registered Clubs receive no insurance coverage of any type from OIST, while any damage resulting from using OIST facilities may be covered by OIST insurance. OIST makes no representation about the ability of a Registered Club to obtain any private insurance coverage. The ability to obtain any type of insurance coverage is at the sole discretion, expense, and risk of the Registered Club. External facilities may require you to purchase additional sports insurance for liability coverage, please speak with Recreation Services to discuss this in person.
  3. OISTis not responsible for the contracts, indebtedness, obligations, and/or liabilities of a Registered Club. A Registered Club is responsible for the same. The Registered Club is not appointed and shall not act as an agent of OIST and shall have no right, power, or authority, to enter into any agreement, contract, or other obligation on behalf of OIST or otherwise bind OIST. A Registered Club shall not execute any document or instrument on behalf of OIST and shall not at any time hold themselves out to any third party as an agent of OIST or imply to any third party that they have any authority to so act on behalf of OIST. When you use your club’s name, you must recognize that you are seen as a representative of OIST. You must act with self-awareness as a member of OIST and not harm OIST’s reputation. Logo Use
OIST owns and controls the words, phrases, insignias, and designs that have come to represent OIST to the public. As outlined in the Registered Club definition, “a Registered Club is not an agent, representative, or employee of OIST. You are not permitted to act as an extension of OIST.”

Recreation Services will provide your club with an official OIST club logo that has been approved and certified. Club Restrictions
OIST does not support political or religious clubs. Clubs must adhere to university policies, rules and procedures. Club Web Site
A web site is mandatory for each club explaining the activities, the club officials and a sign up form. The sites are hosted on the OIST groups server. OIST Facilities
Registered Clubs can utilize space at OIST in planning events, activities, meetings, and organized functions. Advertising your activity and membership
Registered clubs are encouraged to advertise through TIDA on the Social Events page only. OIST sponsored Club websites and social media pages area also encouraged. Financing your club
Registered Clubs are responsible for the management of all funds relating to their club. Fiscal management and decision-making processes should be outlined within the constitution of the Registered Club. Registered Clubs should maintain transparency with the membership of the club regarding the management of funds. Recreation Services will not finance each club due to regulation on spending subsidy money. Each club must finance their own activity and equipment. Fundraising
Registered Clubs are expected to fundraise if they need funds. OIST does not provide funds to individual clubs. If you would plan to hold a fundraising event on campus, you will need to complete an application so your fundraising ideas can be legally reviewed for your safety. Bank Accounts
OIST does not specifically encourage or advise Registered Clubs to maintain an off-campus bank account in their personal name. If a Registered Club chooses to open an off-campus bank account, it is encouraged to utilize the club name. Please contact local bank branches for more information. Registered Clubs are responsible for any income tax reporting and are encouraged to consult with a certified tax consultant for additional support and guidelines. Registered Club Conduct
The behavior of all those engaged in a registered club, as members of the OIST community, is governed by the OIST PRP. The rights and responsibilities accorded by the OIST Conduct Code extend to all such conduct codes, standards, and governing documents. The OIST PRP applies to all members at OIST, and to all persons who are not officially enrolled for a particular term but have a continuing relationship with OIST. Registered Clubs, and their members, may be held collectively and/or individually responsible for violations of the OIST PRP. Registered Clubs Risk Management
Many factors contribute to the levels of risk involved with any activity, including but not limited to: climate, transportation, crime, access to medical resources, personal health, dining accommodations, wildlife, natural disasters, individual training/preparation, first response team accessibility, lodging, terrain, activity specific risks, any activities that could cause injury or financial loss, etc. While all risk associated with any event is not completely avoidable, Registered Clubs are encouraged to research all aspects of their activities and prepare for the potential risks involved, while being aware of additional risks throughout the activity.

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