16.1 Policy

As a publicly funded university, OIST Graduate University (University) has a responsibility to provide timely, accurate, clear, objective, and complete information about its projects, plans, and activities. In the modern era when news, good and bad, true or false, can be relayed around the globe almost instantly, it is important to have guidelines for faculty, students and staff who deliver University-related information to the media and the general public. The University’s Division of Communication & Public Relations (the Communications Division) offers support to ensure that key messages are clear and consistent and information is accurate and complete. The Communication Division does not intend to police communications or to restrict anyone from sharing their expertise. 

16.1.1 The Communications Office

The Communication Division is responsible for overseeing and approving use of the University’s names and marks (as defined in Chapter 15)., trademarks, logos, and other symbols (together referred to as “names and marks”) and for ensuring stylistic and graphic conformance to the University’s standards with regard to use of the University’s names and marks.

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