31.5 Procedures

31.5.1 How to Request a job opening When the need to fill a position is identified, the job description will be approved after the prescribed procedures are completed, and the job description will be opened upon receipt of approval. The Hiring Executive is accountable for making the job description when requesting approval.

31.5.2 Hiring Process after Selecting Candidates The Hiring Executive initiates the prescribed procedures to proceed with the hiring process and submit a request for hiring approval. With approval of the Hiring Approver, the Recruiting and Training Section sends out the employment documents including the employment agreement to the selected candidate.

31.5.3 Background Check

OIST Graduate University is committed to provide a safe and secure workplace to foster outstanding research environment with qualified employees. To this end, OIST may conduct Background Checks to verify academic and employment history as part of the condition of employment. When conducting background checks, OIST will comply with relevant Japanese laws and the University’s Policies, Rules and Procedures.

31.5.4 Relocation

To obtain more information, consult the “Relocation Allowance Guidelines”.

31.5.5 OIST ID Card

To issue OIST ID Card, please refer to "Regulations for OIST ID Cards".

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