31.3 Rules

31.3.1 Advertisement In general, all job opportunities at the University must be posted internally and externally on the University website In order to assure career development within the University, some vacant or new positions may be posted on the internal website only, as determined by the Hiring Executive  in consultation with the Hiring Approver To ensure that all potential internal and external qualified candidates have adequate opportunity to view and apply for jobs at the University, any notice of a vacant or new position must be posted for at least five business days before an employment offer may be made. Exceptions to the requirement for website posting of employment opportunities may be granted if the position is part of a predetermined career path, is merely a reclassification due to change in duties, or resulted from a reorganization. These and any other posting exceptions must be approved by the Vice President Human Resource (VPHR).


31.3.2 Selection University employees in principle, are hired following transparent and fair competitive process. This process normally includes reviewing application documents and conducting employment interviews by the Hiring Executive. Additional steps, such as checking references, may be conducted when the Hiring Executive, in consultation with the Recruiting Section, determines it to be necessary. Selection Committee. An advisory selection committee is formed when hiring a Permanent Employee or when the Hiring Approver considers it necessary. The committee may include external experts in addition to University employees. The committee will conduct collective reviews of candidates and offer advice and recommendations concerning the candidates. To hire the Senior Level Executive provided in item 7, paragraph 2, Article 6 of the Bylaws, the CEO/President must obtain an approval from the Board of Governors All applicants for employment must be processed through the Recruiting Section.


31.3.3 Travel Reimbursement for Candidates

The University reimburses employment candidates for reasonable expenses incurred when traveling to the University or any other convenient place for an employment interview. To be eligible for reimbursement, candidates must be invited to the interview by the Recruiting Section and must follow the Travel Policy regarding recruitment.


31.3.4 Documents to be Submitted

Details are described in Article 12, Rules of Employment and Article 12, Rules of Employment for Part-time Employees.


31.3.5 Probationary Period

Details are described in Article 13, Rules of Employment and Article 13, 
Rules of Employment for Part-time Employees
A newly hired employee, must serve a probationary period, to allow him/her time to become proficient in the basic responsibilities of a new position, and permit the Hiring Executive to evaluate the individual’s performance and suitability for the position. Any decision about an extension of the Probationary Period or about dismissal of the employee must be approved by the Approver (in consultation with the selection committee, if one was formed for selecting the new hire for the position).


31.3.6 Transfer Eligibility:
University employees are eligible to apply for a different position after 6 months in their current position. The 6 month requirement may be waived for special circumstances with approval by the Vice President for Human Resource Development (VPHR).
Other details are described in Article 61 and 62, Rules of Employment and Article 55 and 56, Rules of Employment for Part-time Employees.

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