31.4 Responsibilities

31.4.1 Hiring Executive

The Hiring Executive must follow the established rules and procedures to ensure that equitable and efficient hiring practices are used throughout the University. Delegation of the hiring process role, for below Manager-level employees, may be allowed at the discretion of the Hiring Executive, to the Supervisor of Section or Unit. Even in this case, however, the Hiring executive remains responsible for the hiring process including the final decision and is accountable for the supervision of relevant employee.

31.4.2 Recruiting And Training Section

The Recruiting and Training Section is responsible for posting jobs, processing applications, and providing necessary support to the Hiring Executive. The Recruiting and Training Section serves as the secretariat of the selection committees.

31.4.3 Newly hired employees

Newly hired employees must submit documents specified in Article 12, Rules of Employment and Article 12, Rules of Employment for Part-time Employees. Employees must inform HR Management Section without delay, when any changes occur to details stated in the documents.

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