28.2.8 Procurement Authority and its delegation

The CEO/President has delegated authority for procurement to the University’s Procurement Departments. Only the Procurement Departments are permitted to carry out such delegated procurement. These Procurement Departments must follow the requirements of the policy governing Procurement Authority in carrying out such delegated procurement. Concrete matters regarding such authority delegation and approval authorities are referred to in Attachment 1 of the Guideline for Document-based Approval Process in Chapter 12 (, Document and Records Management. Authority for Conclusion of Contracts
In the case of authority delegation as above, the Procurement and Supplies Section for purchasing goods/services and the Budget and Contract Management Section for construction/facility related services are authorized and responsible for conclusion of contracts on behalf of the University. Please note, the approval or consultation of the Procurement and Supplies Section is necessary for construction/facility related services of 1.5 million yen or more. Delegation of Procurement Authority for Direct Order
The Section Leader of the Procurement Departments may further delegate Procurement Authority to the Budget Holders when the procurement does not exceed 1.5 million JPY (Direct Order). However, even in case of further delegation to the Budget Holder for Direct Orders, the Requesting Unit must ask the Procurement Departments as above for the necessary procedures of contract conclusion when written contracts or other related documents are required.

Delegation of Procurement Authority must comply with the requirements in Chapter 2 (2.6) and must be approved by a Vice President at a level above the Requesting Units concerning the delegation of Procurement Authority. This delegation must contain the specifics of the delegation, including the scope, reason, and time limit for the delegation.

The University must review the delegation annually to assess the need for continuation of the agreement and whether any modifications or other alignment is needed. Should the Requesting Units fail to follow University policy, this may result in the withdrawal of the delegated authority. Approval on Budget Holder’s behalf
The Budget Holder of Requesting Units may allow a certain Staff in Charge to approve Direct Orders on ERP system on his/her behalf. In this case, the Budget Holder must specify the scope, reason, and time limit by submitting [Application for approval on Budget Holder’s behalf regarding the procurement of goods and services] to the system administrator of the ERP system. Although the said Staff in Charge may approve the procurement above on the ERP system on behalf of the Budget Holder, the authority and responsibility for the procurement is not delegated to the Staff in Charge but remains with the Budget Holder. The Staff in Charge who approves on Budget Holder’s behalf must not approve the procurement cases which are made by himself/herself (prohibition of self-approval).

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