28.2.5 Relationship with Vendors

The University will maintain the highest standards of business ethics and conduct when interacting with vendors. The University will build an appropriately competitive environment, while considering local and small businesses, social minorities and environmentally preferred practices. Requesting Units must request the Procurement and Supplies Section for credit check and approval through “Webform for Vendor Registration” (28.6 Forms) when starting transactions with a new vendor. Independent Providers
The University must conclude a written contract according to the Contract Management Stipulations when outsourcing to Independent Providers (defined at 28.8) before start of work. In this case, a Specification (defined at 28.8) with a clear description for the scope of work and deliverables must be attached. In addition, the University’s “Standard Service Agreement” (28.6 Forms) must be applied as much as possible. Besides, the terms and conditions in the Standard Service Agreement may not be amended without approval by the Procurement and Supplies Section.

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