24.2 Rules

24.2.1 Governing Rules

In addition to what is provided for in this chapter, aims and objectives of the CDC are governed by the Bylaws of the CDC and other policies and rules are maintained by the CDC Director, based on the advice made by Liaison Committee. For the matters not provided for by such rules, the general university policies and rules apply.

24.2.2 Budget and Accounting The CDC Director must request annual budget for operation of the CDC to the Vice President for Financial Management (VPFM) through the UCSD every fiscal year in accordance with the general budget request procedures. When making a budget request, a proposal of fee structure and estimated annual revenue must also be submitted. Funds to be allocated to CDC might consist of several different source of funding including the fee from parents and the Subsidy for Operations allocated by OIST. The CDC Director, with support by the Management Committee, is responsible for confirming the constraints of use of each source of funding and reflecting it to the business plan and implementation. The CDC Director is also responsible for consulting with and reporting to the UCSD about budget request and execution. As a budgetary unit, the CDC Director is responsible for management and implementation of the allocated budget for the CDC through the UCSD. Budget and accounting of the operational expenses of the CDC must be dealt with separately from other operational expenses of the University except for the expenses for which such separation is not practical (i.e. routine facility maintenance, utility and security expenses etc.).

24.2.3 User Eligibility Staff and students. Any University staff, including temporary staff dispatched from an agency under an hourly-fee contract (excluding contractor or vendor employees), personnel affiliated with the Office of Technology Development and Innovation (TDIC) and students are eligible to enroll their children in the CDC. Priority is given to faculty and  may be given to other specific groups based on the policy and rules adopted by the CDC Director, based on the advice made by the CDC Liaison Committee. Visitors. Visiting faculty, lecturers, students, participants in events held on campus and other guests may be given access to the CDC programs for their children. Priority is given to the University staff and students or specific visitor categories based on the policy and rules adopted by the CDC Director, based on the advice made by Liaison Committee. Others. In addition to those specified in preceding paragraphs, staff of contractors (vivarium, cleaning, café, etc.), volunteers, and others working on campus may be given access to the CDC programs.

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