24.4 Procedures

24.4.1 CDC Enrollment
Submit required documents to CDC.

24.4.2 SAP Enrollment
Submit required documents to SAP.

24.4.3 Complaints Procedures
If a parent has a concern about CDC matters, the following process should be followed to resolve the situation:

Initial Complaint: 

  1. The issue should be discussed with the Classroom Staff and if not resolved or involves a complaint against the Classroom Staff, with the Team leader. 
  2. If the Team Leader is unable to resolve the issue, to the parent’s satisfaction, the Team Leader will report the incident and parent concern to the CDC Management Committee.  
  3. If the parent remains unsatisfied with the situation, the CDC Management Committee will report the incident and all steps that have been taken to resolve the matter to the UCSD for final arbitration. If the complaint is related to an incident involving the CDC Head of Administration and/or the CDC Assistant Director, the parent should discuss the matter directly with the CDC Director. If an incident involves either the CDC Director or the SAP Assistant Director, or there is a likely conflict of interest, the complaint should be made to the UCSD. The UCSD will review the full incident report, all steps taken to resolve the matter and meet with the parents to develop a plan to resolve the situation in a manner that aligns with standard protocols, processes and ensures the parent concerns are addressed appropriately.

A parent who is unsatisfied with the decision of the UCSD is permitted to appeal the decision to the Chair of the CDC Liaison Committee, the OIST Secretary General. The Secretary General will review the matter thoroughly and meet with both the parents and UCSD to determine an appropriate resolution to address the parent’s concern. The Secretary General will consult with the Office of the General Counsel and the HR Division to review the situation prior to finalizing their decision. 

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