24.1 Policy

The OIST Graduate University (hereinafter “the University”) recognizes the critical needs of the university staff, students, and visitors with children for international and high-quality pre-school and after-school/holiday education services. The University must provide exceptional child and youth services to attract and retain the best talent and enhance the well-being of the University community, both key factors in ensuring that the University mission is achieved.

The University provides the pre-school and after-school/holiday programs designed to meet such needs as much as possible by establishing and operating the OIST Child Development Center (CDC) and school aged program (SAP). The services are provided at dedicated, safe facilities on campus. While the CDC (including SAP: the same shall apply hereinafter.) is established as a part of the University, they have an independent Oversight Committee, the CDC Oversight Committee [Link: 24.3.3], which advises on the objectives, policy, compliance and budget to the Secretary General of the University.

The University establishes the CDC Liaison Committee [Link: 24.3.4] to advise the University Community Services Director (UCSD) on forecasting appropriate budget to sustain CDC operations, ensuring compliance with applicable laws regulations and to develop appropriate  communication with the Parent Teacher Council.

The UCSD oversees the operation and management of the CDC with delegated authority to the CDC Director on day-to-day operation, with the support by the CDC Management Committee.The services must be offered based on fair and transparent rules set forth by the CDC Director, upon consultation with the Liaison Committee. The University’s equal opportunity and diversity policy [Link: 1.3] must be applied in developing and implementing such rules.

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