18.4 Responsibilities

18.4.1 Users, Sections and Units Users, sections and units are to ensure that the usage of University telecommunications devices abides by all policies, rules and procedures as detailed in the PRP Chapter 17 Information Technology & Security [Link: 17] at all times. Users, sections and units are to notify the IT Division when the usage requirement as detailed in the approval process changes or ceases. In this case users, sections and units may be required to relinquish the device, or to re-apply via the approval process. Users sections and units are to notify the IT Division as soon as possible in the case of loss or damage to the University telecommunications device. Users, sections and units are responsible for ensuring that any University telecommunications device is used for appropriate work purposes at all times.

    18.4.2 Vice Presidents /Faculty Member or equivalent positions or above Vice Presidents /Faculty Member or equivalent positions or above are responsible for ensuring that staff under their supervision are using University telecommunication devices appropriately, and in compliance with the provisions in this chapter.

    18.4.3 IT Division IT Division is to contract for and manage all University telecommunication devices including mobile phones. IT Division is to allocate, track and maintain the University telecommunications devices. IT Division is to alert users, sections and units when monthly cost exceeds the accounting threshold, and send a cost breakdown to the user. IT Division is to maintain relevant documentation and processes.

    18.4.4 Chief Information Officer Chief Information Officer shall ensure the IT processes and procedures are in place such as to implement the policy as defined in this chapter. Chief Information Officer is responsible for ensuring the fair provision of services and that University telecommunication devices are provided in the most cost-effective way to meet the business communication requirements of authorized users. Chief Information Officer is also responsible for assessing inappropriate usage of telecommunication devices and determining action in the case of suspected inappropriate use of a device. 

    18.4.5 IT Strategy Committee (ITSC) IT Strategy Committee shall recommend the University goals and priorities, and planning actions to the President to achieve the goals regarding Information Technology and Security. IT Strategy Committee shall deliberate and recommend policies on communication devices in the University.

    18.4.6 Chief Information Officer The Chief Information Officer advises the President on all high level IT and computing services relevant to the OIST community and its security. CIO has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the appropriate implementation of policies, rules and procedures in this chapter.

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