18.3 Rules


Eligibility for a University telecommunications device must satisfy the eligibility criteria [Link: https://oist.service-now.com/sp?id=sc_category&sys_id=547d0f46db506f006885f00ebf96195b] including; 

  • The need to conduct the University business via a telecommunications device while outside the University premises;
    • Where the use of another medium is not feasible.
    • Where the lack of said device would cause unavoidable and substantial costs to be incurred by the individual.
    • Where the detriment to timeliness, or losses in productivity would have a substantial impact on the University business.
      • Senior Level Executives are in general deemed to meet these criteria.
  • The need for emergency contact, where the use of a personal mobile phone or telecommunications device is inappropriate;
    • Where the contact is of a legal or personally sensitive nature, i.e. medical or other confidential matters
    • Where the emergency situation would have an effect on the University as a whole.


Applications for the University telecommunications device must meet the eligibility criteria, and pass through an approval process [Link: https://oist.service-now.com/sp?id=sc_category&sys_id=547d0f46db506f006885f00ebf96195b]. This approval process requires;

  • A justification which meets the eligibility criteria and clearly details;
    • The class of device required
    • Why the device is required
    • The intended usage
    • Whether the device is for individual or locally shared use
    • The period for which the device is required
  • Approval process 
    • Senior Level Executives shall receive approval from Chief Information Officer.
    • Other employees shall receive approval from Vice Presidents /Faculty Member or equivalent positions or above first, and seek final approval from Chief Information Officer.


Where monthly device costs exceed a threshold, confirmation that the usage was for business purposes will be required. Where the usage was personal in nature, the user will be requested to cover these costs. This threshold is currently set at 10,000 yen.


Inappropriate usage of telecommunication devices will be assessed by the Chief Information Officer with possible outcomes to include;

  • Suspension or cancellation of the device
  • Request for the user to cover any additional charges

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