18.1 Policy

The OIST Graduate University (the University) aims to provide telecommunications services (including mobile phone services) to the University researchers and employees in a manner which is fair, simple, accountable and financially responsible. The University allocates telecommunications devices where appropriate in order to;

  • Avoid excessive charges to the individual, generated where the University business must be conducted via a telecommunications device.
  • Prevent the conduct of the University business via a personal telecommunications device where inappropriate.
  • Ensure the individual has the capacity to act in emergency situations where tasked with doing so.

This policy applies all telecommunications services and devices regardless of the country of purchase, telecommunications carrier, or if the device has an associated ongoing service contract.

All the University telecommunications devices, including mobile phones, are managed by the University IT Division under centralized contracts. These centralized contracts result in significant cost benefits for the University; for example, calls from one University mobile phone to another incur no charges.

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