18.2 General Considerations

18.2.1 It is anticipated that all University users will have a personal telecommunications device in addition to the University provided device.

18.2.2 University provided telecommunications devices are intended to be used for business purposes only.

18.2.3 Limited personal use of telecommunication devices by President [link: 2.4.1], Auditors [link: 2.4.4], Senior Level Executive [link:] and Faculty Member [link:] (hereinafter “Executive Members”) is permitted. Where the monthly charges for the device exceed the threshold [link: 18.3.3], Executive Members will be presented with 3 months of usage data, and asked to identify the personal usage component. This personal usage component will be used to create a fixed percentage monthly charge for personal usage. Ongoing monthly charges for the device will be monitored by IT Division, and where average monthly charges for the device increase or decrease markedly, the above process will be repeated to calculate an updated fixed percentage monthly charge for personal usage.  

18.2.4 There are several classes of telecommunications devices, which vary in cost to the University. Please see the list of standard University provided telecommunication devices [link: https://oist.service-now.com/sp?id=sc_category&sys_id=547d0f46db506f006885f00ebf96195b]. The University standard devices are selected based on functionality. Where a newer device does not present a benefit to the University business over a standard device, the device will not be provided regardless of personal preference. The class of device provided will be commensurate with the business requirement. For example, lower cost devices such as flip-phones will be allocated where a more advanced device is not required.

18.2.5 Ownership and control of University IT devices, including telecommunications devices, is described in the PRP 17.2.1 [link: 17.2.1].

18.2.6 In general, the University funding for overseas purchase of IT and telecommunications services and devices is not permitted.  Exceptions may be considered where specific University business is shown to require a local device overseas, and where the usage will be solely for that purposes.  In general, internet chat and video conferencing services should be used for international communications.

18.2.7 Rental telecommunications devices are available from the IT Division, and rental of these devices is preferred over allocation to an individual where the requirement is temporary in nature.

18.2.8 Sections and units can also apply for locally shared telecommunications devices. These devices would be managed at the section or unit level, and allocated for specific functions, such as new employees, visiting researchers etc. Sections and units are to elect a staff member who will be responsible for the management and allocation of any locally shared telecommunications devices.

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