17.3.8 Software and licensing

IT Division provides a wide range of research and business software to OIST users. Users are encouraged to use these software, but must respect copyright law and licensing restrictions at all times.

Software titles held by IT Division are in general only eligible for installation onto IT assets wholly owned by the University, users must not install software onto an IT asset without first confirming the IT asset is eligible. Details of available software and licensing restrictions are covered as part of the software catalog [Link: 17.8.33].

Within the administration the use of software outside the software catalog is not permitted. Where additional software is required, users must contact IT Division to request an addition to the catalog.

Within research units the use of software outside the software catalog is permitted, though consideration must be given to security. In using software outside the software catalog users should:

  • Ensure the software has been downloaded from known reputable sources, such as the official website
  • Ensure security patches are applied Licensed or commercial software
IT Division manages all commercial or licensed software within the administration, and many of the research software titles. Research units are strongly encouraged to contact IT Division before purchasing additional software. If there is general and continuing interest in a software product not yet offered in the software catalog, IT Division will research the request to see if we can negotiate an agreement that will best benefit the University. Open-source software and freeware
Within research units users are encouraged to use open source software and freeware, but are also encouraged to consult with IT Division. Where there is a continuing interest in a software title IT Division will package the software, manage updates and monitor security alerts and issues.

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