17.3.3 Connecting to the OIST Network

The OIST network is an essential research resource, maintaining its availability and security is vital to the function of the University and is the responsibility of all users. All IT assets connecting to the OIST network must do so via OIST network authentication, uniquely identifying the active user. Users may only connect OIST IT assets for which they have authorization to use to the OIST network, and only for their own use. The connection of assets to the OIST network for the use of other users, or third parties is strictly prohibited.

Where network authentication poses a barrier to research or OIST business, users must contact IT Division to seek an exception. The connection of any devices that would bypass or mitigate network authentication, or enable other devices to do so, is strictly prohibited.

In order to ensure the security and stability of the OIST network, the connection of network devices, such as switches, routers or hubs without the authorization of IT Division is strictly prohibited. The usage of any wireless networks other than those provided by IT Division within OIST facilities without prior permission of IT Division is not permitted. Any unauthorized devices found to be connected to the OIST network, or providing wireless networking within OIST facilities may be disconnected without notice.

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