17.3.2 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The University does not require personnel to use their personal resources to conduct University business.

Within the administration, the usage of personal IT assets to conduct OIST business is permitted only with the authorization of IT Division.
Within research units, the faculty may choose to permit the use of BYOD devices, and users may elect to use their own resources accordingly, though at no time should any user be compelled to do so. The University accepts no responsibility or liability for damage to BYOD devices. The faculty and asset owner are accountable for any and all issues arising from the usage of such personal assets.

Note that in connecting a personal IT asset to the OIST network (BYOD), or using a personal asset to store or transmit University Information, the asset is then subject to this policy and must comply with all OIST requirements. In the case of BYOD devices, eligibility to store OIST information assets may vary. Users are required to ensure that OIST information assets, the devices used to access them, and the mode of access conform to OIST information classification and device eligibility criteria [Link: 17.8.9].

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