42.5 Procedures

42.5.1 Visiting the Ombuds Office

Any Visitor to the Ombuds Office may contact the Ombuds Office and visit during open hours.

42.5.2 Appointments with the Ombudsperson

Meetings with the Ombudsperson are by appointment. Appointments with the Ombudsperson can be made by emailing a request or by telephoning the Ombuds Office during open hours at [Link]. In order to preserve the confidentiality of visits to the Ombuds Office, the Ombudsperson or Ombuds Office staff who have any other role at the University may not be called upon in their Ombuds Office role while physically present at any location outside the Ombuds Office.

42.5.3 Contacting the Ombudsperson or Ombuds Office

In order to preserve the confidentiality of all communications with the Ombudsperson, all correspondence concerning the Ombudsperson must be sent by email to [Link]. Emails to the Ombudsperson’s OIST or personal email account will be returned unread and permanently deleted from the recipient's computer.

42.5.4 Appointment of the Ombudsperson

The President appoints the Ombudsperson. The Board of Governors endorses the appointment. The term of appointment is decided by the President and is renewable.

42.5.5 Removal of the Ombudsperson

Other than at the end of term of appointment, the Ombudsperson is removable only for neglect of duty, misconduct, or medical incapacity, and only by means of a fair process and procedure. Complaints about the Ombudsperson will be handled by the President, who will establish appropriate procedures.

42.5.6 Appointment of the Staff of the Ombuds Office

Appointments of staff of the Ombuds Office are made at the discretion of the Ombudsperson.

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