42.1 Policy

The OIST Graduate University (“the University”) has established an Ombuds Office and appointed a University Ombudsperson to ensure that all faculty, staff, researchers, students and any other third party related to the university as defined in PRP 1.4.1 (under “Applicability”) (hereinafter: “Visitor/s to the Ombuds Office” ) have a safe environment in which to voice questions and concerns and to provide constructive alternatives to the existing channels by which Visitors to the Ombuds Office can assert their rights and interests and seek resolution of problems and conflicts.

The Ombuds Office welcomes any Visitor with concern to the Office. The Office provides confidential, neutral, independent and informal assistance to Visitors who have concerns arising from their work or studies at the University. The University Ombudsperson adheres to the Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and Best Practices of the International Ombudsman Association, relevant Japanese laws, and the University Policies, Rules and Procedures in all matters.  All policies, rules and procedures in this chapter are based on these codes and standards, which are fully supported by the University. Information for users of the Ombudsperson services is available at the Ombuds Office website <LINK>.

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