30.1 Policy

All OIST Graduate University employees, regardless of Type of Job or Job Class, are responsible for protecting and enhancing the wellbeing of the University community. The University accomplishes this by setting standards that guide how we conduct ourselves as employees and members of the University community.
Officers, supervisors and managers are responsible for recruiting and retaining high caliber employees to conduct the University’s business competently, efficiently and effectively. Human Resources (HR) matters must be handled consistently and equitably throughout the University. 
The University complies with the Labor Standard Act (Act No. 49 of 1947) and other Japanese laws and regulations. HR matters are described in the Rules of Employment , Rules of Employment for Part-time Employees, Compensation Rules for Fixed-Term Employees, and Compensation Rules for Permanent Employees (hereinafter referred to as “the Rules of Employment etc.”) HR matters not described in “the Rules of Employment etc.”, are governed by Japanese laws and regulations. This Chapter and the related following chapters (Chapter 31-41) are complemented by “the Rules of Employment etc.” Unless stated otherwise, Chapters from 30 to 41, Japanese laws and regulations, “the Rules of Employment etc.” and HR rules and procedures decided separately by the Vice President for Human Resource apply to all types of Job and Job Classes of employees, academic and no-academic, regardless of funding source. 


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