30.3 Rules

30.3.1 Professional Conduct

Details are described in Chapter 16, Rules of Employment and Article 16, Rules of Employment for Part-time Employees.

30.3.2 HR Policies, Rules and Procedures

HR matters are described in “the Rules of Employment etc.”, and following Chapters complement the Rules of Employment: 

Chapter 31. Hiring Process 
Chapter 32. Work Schedules and Breaks
Chapter 33. Leave
Chapter 34. Compensation
Chapter 35. Benefits
Chapter 36. Performance Evaluation
Chapter 37. Leaving the University
Chapter 38. Discipline
Chapter 39. Resolving Complaints & Disputes
Chapter 40. Staff Development and Awards
Chapter 41. Workplace and Safety

30.3.3 Employee Representative

The Employee Representative, is an employee who is representing at least half of all University employees, and is selected by the employees through an election or other democratic process. The Employment Representative may not be selected from amongst employees in the managerial positions specified in

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