19.5 Procedures


 Proposals for academic conferences, workshops and courses are called for in January each year for events starting after April of the following year. Contact the Workshop Committee; details of how to submit an application to the Workshop Committee may be obtained from the Conference and Workshop Section.


For logistical support for travel, accommodation, facilities, and websites associated with conferences, contact the University Conference and Workshop Section.


Expenditures and disbursements related to the Event, including those for travel and hospitality, must be processed through either the Procurement and Supplies Section or Travel Expense Team of Procurement and Supplies Section in the office of the Vice President for Financial Management, depending on the contents.


Events such as Open Campus, Inaugurations, Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Public Lectures, Concerts, and Exhibitions are organized with guidance from the office of the Vice President for Communication and Public Relations.


Proposals for externally organized Events must be submitted to the Workshop Committee.

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