19.1 Policy

Members of the OIST Graduate University (the University) are encouraged to organize international conferences, workshops, seminars and courses (collectively, “Academic Events”) that facilitate scientific interaction and promote the University mission. The University also wishes to be a friendly, welcoming location that supports local communities, staff, students, family members, and visitors through a variety of functions and activities, including, but not limited to, meetings, artistic activities, public lectures, conferences, workshops, concerts, and cultural clubs. Collectively, Academic Events and the other activities dealt with in this chapter will be referred to as “Events.”

NOTE: This Chapter does not deal with permanent or semi-permanent allocation of teaching space (rooms, lecture halls, and the like) for courses, classes, and teaching as part of the Graduate School curriculum, nor does it address use/booking of those spaces.  Allocation and use of teaching space is a responsibility specifically vested in the office of the Dean of the Graduate School.

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