0.1 Overview

Policies are broad statements of principle that provide context and support for the attitudes and conduct expected of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology School Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “School Corporation”) community.  From policies flow “rules,” which state what is encouraged, permitted, or forbidden.  From rules flow procedures, the step-by-step instructions that implement the rules.

The Polices, Rules and Procedures (PRP) Chapters found in this PRP Library provide the framework and directions for working and conducting other transactions within School Corporation.  The Library contains the administrative and operating requirements of the University, as well as the Faculty Handbook, the Graduate School, and the University Library.  Responsibility for maintaining the PRP Library is vested in the Secretary General, which oversees development of new and revised chapters and maintains the website, assisted by the Rules and Compliance Section [Link: 0.2].

Each PRP chapter is intended to help faculty, students and staff (and in some cases, visitors, vendors and others) with policy guidance and rules, as well as clear “how to” instructions for accessing School Corporation services and complying with School Corporation requirements.

Because many of the policies, rules, and procedures in the Library have general applicability, this online PRP Library is accessible to the community outside School Corporation.  Visitors, guests, vendors, and others who may be intermittently on premises or otherwise involved with School Corporation are encouraged to review PRP Chapters that may be relevant.

The currently approved Chapters of the PRP Library are online; the prior versions are removed, deemed outdated and are void and of no effect.

0.1.1 Regulations

Designated University Officers establish regulations and guidelines (hereinafter referred to as Regulations) on specified matters designated by PRP among his/her responsibilities and duties. Requirements and restriction on 0.2.1 and procedures on 0.4.2 shall be followed in the process of the establishment and maintaining the PRP.

Table of Contents