7.1 Policy

Throughout history, private support for universities has been essential to their growth and academic excellence. Even today, contributions and donations to colleges and universities from individuals, the private sector, nonprofit foundations, and other entities are critical to strengthening their physical and intellectual foundations. Such support augments existing education and research programs and is indispensible for new ventures in science and technology and for other advancement. Recognizing this, gifts to, and fundraising for, the University is encouraged.

Fundraising at the University involves solicitation of contributions, donations, and gifts as well as bequests, and devises, together referred to as “gifts”. Fundraising also may proceed through University events (ticket sales) and sales of items bearing University marks and logo. 

All fundraising activity at the University must be supervised, coordinated, and directed by and through the Fundraising office in the Office of the President. It is the Fundraising office that, in consultation with the President, prioritizes fundraising initiatives to meet the University’s objectives. These priorities are the main focus of the Fundraising office’s efforts.

The President will maintain a prioritized list of donors who are approved for solicitation. All solicitations and negotiations regarding gifts require the express prior approval of the President.

Gifts in support of research are reviewed in coordination with the office of the President to assure appropriate disposition and treatment.

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