33.3 Responsibilities

33.3.1 Persons planning to take Leave

Persons planning to take Leave must give notice of the dates and duration of the leave (along with justification for Special Leave) in advance, to his/her immediate supervisor through the Working Time Management System. Employees are encouraged to make leave schedules in a planned manner.


33.3.2 Supervisors

Supervisors are responsible for balancing the individual employee’s needs, the workload of coworkers and effective business operation under their control. 


33.3.3 The HR Management Section

The HR Management Section is responsible for administering the leave policies fairly, and providing necessary guidance regarding the leave policies to employees and supervisors. 


33.3.4 Employee and Labor Relations Section

Employee and Labor Relations Section is responsible for monitoring the implementation of pertinent leave, as specified in this Chapter, and for ensuring that applicants and users of such leave, will not experience discrimination or harassment, as a result of taking leave.

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