28.3.6 Receipt and Inspection of Deliveries

The Inspection Staff of the Logistics Team of the Procurement and Supplies Section must confirm receipt of procured goods and services at the time they are delivered to the University. In principle, the confirmation of receipt is conducted at the Logistics Center operated by the Logistics Team. If the Inspection Staff cannot confirm receipt due to a lack of relevant knowledge or expertise related to the delivered goods and services, or confirming the receipt of delivery is difficult at the Logistics Center such as for construction, the Procurement and Supplies Section may delegate the confirmation of receipt to staff having appropriate expertise. Delivery to Off-campus and Inspection for Specialized Services
The confirmation of receipt may be substituted by receipt of packing invoice or photograph when procured goods are delivered to an off-campus location. Inspection Staff of the Logistics Center receives all the packages delivered to the Logistics Center. To confirm the receipt of procured goods and services, the Inspection Staff may open the delivered packages without permission of the recipient on the waybill (see the website: Division for Financial Management).

The Logistics Team will also confirm the performance of services not only on contracts such as translation of materials, interpretation at the events, and instruction for acquisition of a qualification, but also on contracts called specialized services such as development of databases, programs, digital contents, etc., by deliverables or service completion report. Records of Receipt and Inspection
Requesting Units must inspect the performance of delivered goods or deliverables of the services, and record it eligibly. The member of the Logistics Team may witness the performance inspection. Requesting Units must keep records of receipt and inspection for submission of the records to the University’s relevant departments as necessary.

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